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Learn More About Different Braking Laws

Learn More About Different Braking Laws

Learn More About Different Braking Laws

Part of being a responsible driver is knowing the rules of the road. Some of the most essential driving rules are those related to driving at a reasonable speed and ensuring that your vehicle is safely able to stop and slow down. If you have not thought about your brakes lately, you might take your car to the mechanic for a brake inspection. You might also brush up on braking laws, including those pertaining to:

Functioning Brake Lights

When you hit the brakes, your brake lights illuminate to warn drivers behind you that your car is slowing down. Without this warning, rear end collisions would be much more likely. Unfortunately, brake lights don’t last forever, and you might not realize that you have a brake light out until you get pulled over. Often, officers will issue warrants for malfunctioning brake lights, but you could get a ticket for this violation, so you might take the time to test your brake lights periodically.

Trailer Brakes

If you’re towing a trailer of any kind, you should be aware of the trailer brake laws in the state where you’re driving. Many states require independent braking systems for trailers with a gross weight of 3,000 lbs. or more. These brake systems should have their own set of brake lights that will alert drivers of your actions on the road.

Safe Following Distance

Though many states to not specify an exact distance for safe following, you should generally allow a few cars’ length to separate you and the driver in front of you. The faster you travel, the more space you need to slow down, so don’t follow closely when your speed increases.

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