What Is a Safe Following Distance on the Road?

What Is a Safe Following Distance on the Road?

What Is a Safe Following Distance on the Road?

Avoiding a collision requires attentive driving and constant attention to the road ahead. In order to prevent rear-ending the car ahead of you, it is very important to leave plenty of following distance as you drive. With pulsing brake lights, you can encourage other drivers to keep their distance and provide you with plenty of stopping time. Read on for an overview of how to calculate a safe following distance as you are driving down the road.

Use the Three Second Rule

As a general rule of thumb, you should always leave at least three seconds of stopping time between your car and the vehicle that is up ahead. In order to calculate three seconds of following distance, you can use landmarks along the side of the road. It should take you three seconds to reach a landmark that the car ahead of you has just passed.

Pay Attention to Extreme Driving Conditions

Extreme driving conditions, such as heavy rainstorms or icy roads, require longer following distances between vehicles. If you neglect to increase your car’s following distance during harsh weather, you will be in greater danger of getting into a crash. Along with increasing your following distance, it is also a good idea to reduce your travelling speed.

Look for Dangerous Tailgaters

Some drivers may have a tendency to tailgate as they are travelling down the road. To make sure that the car behind you is keeping a safe following distance, you should merge away from tailgaters whenever possible. Steering clear of aggressive, tailgating drivers can help you prevent a collision.

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