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Tucson-based Williams & Lake acquires Pulse® Rear-end collision avoidance system

Tucson-based Williams & Lake acquires Pulse® Rear-end collision avoidance system

Tucson-based Williams & Lake acquires Pulse® Rear-end collision avoidance system

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Acquisition complements firm’s SAFETY F1RSTTM system


TUCSON, AZ (May 18, 2015) Williams & Lake, LLC, manufacturer and distributor of the Patented SAFETY

F1RST rear-end collision avoidance system announced the acquisition of Pulse® a competing rear-end

collision avoidance system. This strategic transaction adds the award winning technology to Williams &

Lake’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio.


The competing products will be combined and branded as “PULSE®, “powered by SAFETY F1RST” and

operate under the protection of U.S. Patents #6,720,871 and #6,943,677.


Mark Olson, Pulse founder, said, “This merger of IP, technology, and know-how brilliantly positions us to

achieve our long term vision for automotive safety and protecting our friends and family from the dangers of

rear end collisions. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help take things to the next level.”


Bill Wetmore, CEO of Williams & Lake, said, “We couldn’t be happier to add Pulse® to our suite of products.

This acquisition represents our commitment to growing our presence in the automotive safety sector.”


Pulse® powered by SAFETY F1RST is a rear-end collision avoidance system consisting of a small solid

state electronic device that can be fitted onto most passenger vehicle or light duty pickup trucks, it effectively

brightens and dims the 3rd brake light four times then remains solid when a driver steps on the brake pedal.

The brightening and dimming does not repeat upon any subsequent application of the brakes for a lock-out

time period so as not to annoy trailing drivers in stop-and-go traffic. By getting the attention of a trailing driver,

this product is demonstrated in U.S. Department of Transportation and manufacturer testing to be very

effective at helping prevent rear-end collisions.


While more and more new cars in the United States come equipped from the dealership with Pulse®, it is

also available for purchase and after market installation on vehicles at an authorized dealership. For more

information on this product and to find a dealership near you, visit www.pulseprotects.com or



Williams & Lake

Williams & Lake, LLC the parent company of Pulse® powered by SAFETY F1RST and its founders are

committed to manufacturing, sales, and distribution of the Pulse® powered by SAFETY F1RST product.

For more information, visit http://safetyfirstbrakelight.com/.

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