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Pulse Testimonials

Carl Heck image

The Pulse product is unbelievable, I tell my friends and family about the product because I think it’s so valuable. Once I researched the Pulse device, I realized it was something I needed to make my vehicle safer and to make others in my vehicle safe as well.

I think I’m a very good driver. We all think we’re good drivers but it’s really the folks behind me that I’m worried about. It pulses 4 times and it helps those behind you to see that you are braking. It’s not just another light on a vehicle. It’s really a safety mechanism to alert those behind you that you are braking.

I think protecting your family is very important. I drive my friends and family around all the time and there is no one more precious than our family and friends.  The last thing I want to do is get in a motor vehicle accident with them involved. 

I’ve actually been asked a couple times where I got the device and I’ve directed those folks to the pulseprotects.com website and to contact their local car dealership. I encourage other people to get a Pulse Device in their vehicle because of the safety it provides to you and your family in your vehicle.”

Carl Heck
Driver - Mercury Mountaineer