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Pulse Testimonials

I bought a 2013 Fiat in September.  I noticed the triangular sticker in the back window saying THIS CAR IS EQUIPPED WITH PULSE, while the car was still in the showroom …. Last Friday, on our way to work, my best friend and I were driving on the interstate in the right lane.  The car in front of us suddenly stopped completely, realizing they were passing their exit.  There were cars to my left and I had very little time to brake.  Indeed I had to brake hard and had only one chance to do so.  I knew if I was lucky enough not to hit this car in front of me then I would sure be hit from behind.  I have no doubt that the brake assist enabled me to brake quickly and efficiently, while the car stayed in place and absolutely no doubt that Pulse protected me from being hit from behind.  After this frightening near accident, I kept wondering how it was I never got hit.  I remembered the sticker saying PULSEPROTECTS.COM and the word protects stayed in my memory.  I went to the website and it all became clear.  This technology is absolutely amazing and I want to thank you for saving my life and that of my best friend.  There is no other logical reason for my not being hit.

Amanda Shank
Driver - Fiat 500