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On behalf of EZ Messenger I would like to recommend the safer braking technology rear-end collision deterrent to any fleet managers that might be considering the purchase of this valuable safety product for their vehicles.

As one of the largest Legal Support and Delivery companies in the Southwest, it is important for EZ Messenger to have a focus on safety. We have over 90 vehicles in our Arizona fleet alone. Since installing this product on our fleet, we have been involved in ZERO rear-end collisions. Plus, our drivers have mentioned to me that they can actually see people behind them noticing the pulsing light and backing off while they are driving.

The ease of installation and affordability is another reason why this product makes so much sense. My mechanics were trained in less than 30 minutes how to install this on all of our different fleet vehicles and we have determined that we are protecting our fleet for less than the cost of a standard oil change.”

Al Foos
EZ Messenger