Pulse® Customer Success Story

“I won’t even consider another car if it doesn’t have Pulse in it.”

In 2011, Matt Totty bought two brand new cars from Texas Toyota. As he was test driving one of the cars and learning more about the 2011 RAV4 and Camry, he noticed a sign that read, “This Vehicle is Equipped with Pulse.” Not knowing what it meant, he bought the cars and drove them home without thinking much about it.

Later, Totty was driving somewhere, and his two daughters were along for the ride. As Totty came to a stop at an intersection, he noticed the pulsing third brake light from the back and simply thought his girls were playing a video game in the back seat. A few minutes later, the pulsing brake light again caught his attention, and that’s when he realized that his new car came pre-installed with the Pulse safer braking technology. “I realized the third brake light was actively notifying the driver behind me that I was coming to a stop. It was incredible. I’ve loved it ever since,” Totty said.

Pulse Customer Success Story

Texas Toyota, located in Grapevine, TX, is just one of many dealerships nationwide which pre-install Pulse into the cars they sell and help protect their customers from the risks of rear-end collisions and distracted driving. So now both of Totty’s cars are equipped the safety benefits from the Pulse safer braking technology. “A normal braking system doesn’t get my attention near as much as this Pulse technology does.”

“Pulse is truly beneficial for everyone. Anyone who drives can benefit from this technology,” Totty said. 

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