How to Drive Safely

How to Drive Safely

How to Drive Safely

In many professions experts, have to continue their education; university professors need to keep publishing to stay current, nurses and doctors need to learn the latest medical developments, etc. However, hundreds of thousands of us drive vehicles, weighing upwards of 1,500 pounds, without ever having done more than a few classes and never again looking at the rules of the road once the driving test is passed. Some people need to take these classes yearly so they know how to drive safely.

There are many different laws for states, but here are some basic safe driving tips that, though they might seem like common sense, are never a bad idea to refresh in your mind:

How to Drive Safely

Do – Pay attention. The longer people drive the more lackadaisical they become. Keeping your eyes on the road and your attention on the task of driving will help keep you and others in your car safer.

Don’t – Use a mobile phone – in any way, texting, calling, changing the ring tone, etc. Even if this is not illegal, mobile phone usage draws attention from the road and therefore could prove dangerous or deadly.

Do – Keep steady hands on the wheel. Steer with care and confidence; jerky or panicky movements can lead to rollovers or collisions with vehicles or road furniture.

Don’t – Change the radio, eat, put on your shoes, put on makeup or that diverts your attention. (This is a repeat, but it’s an important one.)

Do – Keep the vehicle in good working order. Tires should be kept at optimal PSI, oil changes should happen regularly, brakes maintained, etc.

Don’t – Drive with an excessively dirty windshield. Sun can reflect off of it causing a temporary blind driving.

Do – Try to have a good idea of the directions that will lead you to your destination. Turning down one ways is never good for anyone.

Being a technically proficient driver is a must, but being a conscientious driver helps keep the roadways clear of accidents.

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