How to Get a Free Hands-Free Headset

How to Get a Free Hands-Free Headset

How to Get a Free Hands-Free Headset

I use my smartphone all the time – for work, checking emails, driving directions, research for projects, listening to music, texting and, of course, making calls! In my area, it’s illegal to drive and use a cell phone without a hands-free device. So I use the speakerphone feature when I drive. I know I’d be better off with a headset, but with finances being tight it’s just easier for me to either have my phone on speaker, or just not use it and let my calls go to voicemail.

But I recently found a solution that will help me be able to afford a headset and even get a free hands-free headset:

Free Hands-Free Headset has been running a wireless phone safety program to distribute free cell phone headsets since 2003. You simply go to their website, select the manufacturer of your wireless phone, select your model from the list of phones shown, and follow the step-by-step order process. It’s really that easy! It’s also a safe website to order headsets from and they don’t sell your personal information.

Depending on the device, there may be a small fee. I found ones that were free, a few that were under two dollars, and one for my phone that was $19, $40 less than the retail price. There is also a small shipping fee, only $3.94 for shipping anywhere! The one I want to get is $1.50 plus shipping. That makes it very affordable for me to be able to finally get a hands-free device. Unfortunately the one I want is out of stock, but I signed up so that I’ll be notified when it’s available.

The site almost seemed too good to be true so I went to their media center which features articles about They’ve had articles published in The New York Times and Popular Science magazine and have been featured in Evening News stories that have run on CBS, ABC and NBC news networks across the country. One MSNBC article stated, “Every parent who drives with kids in the car needs to know about, a worldwide automobile safety program that distributes free cell phone headsets to anyone who wants one.”

As of May 2011, it’s illegal to use a hand-held cell phone in eight states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington State. It’s also illegal in Washington D.C., and many other states are starting to write and implement legislation so that hand-held phone use will be illegal. If you can’t wait to take a call while you’re driving then head over to and you can get an affordable, possibly free, headset!

Here at Pulse™, we support the safest roads possible. That’s why we are working to make Pulse™ available to everyone, as well as help educate the public on how to best stay safe on the roads. Thanks for helping to make roads safer for everyone!

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