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Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips

BLOG: Most car accidents are avoidable, and the primary goal of traditional driver’s education courses is to teach people how to be safe drivers. Sure, learning how to parallel park or to do a three-point turn is handy, but here at Pulse we are all about safety, so with that in mind here are a few safe driving tips that will help keep us all safer on the roads:

Safe Driving Tips

Use The Brakes. If you are about to hit something, step on your brake pedal, HARD. Cars are equipped with antilocking braking systems that do an amazing job of stopping a car, fast. If a driver is familar whith how they feel when activated, and willing to commit to using them properly, there is a very good chance an accident can be completely avoided.

Remain Calm. Understand that bad things can happen, and suddenly. Try not to panic and over-react: stay calm and react predicably. Keeping a cool head can help keep you safe.

Choose 9 and 3. The old advice was for drivers to keep our hands at “10 and 2”: the 10am and 2pm positions on a clock face. However, with the way airbags are now positioned in cars, the 9am and 3pm hand positions are safer, and many steering wheels have “thumb hangers” on them to encourage drivers to do just that.

Prepare yourself to react. Emergencies will happen. You can’t train yourself for every possibiity, but you can put yourself in a “what if” frame of mind. “What if that blue sedan comes to a sudden stop in the middle of this busy four-lane road?”; “What if that SUV runs the stopsign?”. Create hypothetical scenarios in hour mind, and then think about how you will react. This is what being a defensive driver is all about, and is can save your life.

Want some more safe driving tips, and perhaps a refresher on that parallel parking challenge? Check out Driver’s Ed Guru . Stay safe!

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