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Rhys Millen Takes Pulse to the Top

Rhys Millen Takes Pulse to the Top

Rhys Millen Takes Pulse to the Top

In his Rhys Millen Racing prepared, #67 Pulse Hankook USA Hyundai Genesis coupe, Rhys Millen claimed a new world record and an overall victory at the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Sunday. Millen set an amazing pace to the summit in this 90th running of the “Race to the Clouds”, needing only 9:46.164 to make international motorsports’ most challenging ascent to over 14,000 feet elevation.

“With the newly paved section of the course and the hot weather conditions, a lot of people failed or crashed. Our car’s balance remained the same from practice to race day using these Hankook F200 Tires this entire run. Even on a slick tire and torrential downpour in the last mile and a half, with the heat we were able to achieve in the tires, the grip was still adequate and we were able to produce a new world record,” said Rhys Millen after Sunday’s victory from the summit.

About Pulse

Pulse, the #1 aftermarket safety product in America, is a small electronic device distributed through new car dealership that causes a car’s 3rd brake light to pulse 4 times during braking. It is proven in DOT & manufacturer studies to be very effective at helping to prevent rear-end collisions and in getting the attention of distracted drivers. For more info on Pulse, please visit www.pulseprotects.com.

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