Everybody is talking about Pulse

Pulse Testimonials

Quality and innovation speak for themselves.

  • Thank you for installing this product on our police units and for making our highways a little safer."

    Christopher Gutowski
    Safety Director - City of Hillsdale

  • It's something so simple, that can prevent so much.

    Erin Campbell
    Driver- Jeep Liberty

  • Pulse is the first and only item I’ve ever pre-loaded in 31 years. It is an easy sell, and the employees see the benefit for our clients.”

    Frank Bachman
    Fontana Nissan, California

  • This technology is absolutely amazing and I want to thank you for saving my life and that of my best friend."

    Amanda Shank
    Driver - Fiat 500

  • The reason I chose to go with Pulse was I was able to see that it had value ... and I’m taking this opportunity to recommend Pulse to everyone."

    Gaylan Craig
    GM - Goshen Buick GMC Hyundai

  • The Pulse product is unbelievable, I tell my friends and family about the product because I think it’s so valuable."

    Carl Heck
    Driver - Mercury Mountaineer

  • Pulse really DOES help save lives, it really does help prevent injury. It's not just about the statistics, these are people.

    Kate Hayward
    Driver- Toyota Prius

  • I would say Pulse is performing at a higher level than we had actually anticipated .... [Our customers] like the idea of having the additional safety on the vehicle they are purchasing.”

    Brad Zielinski
    Sales / Finance Mgr - Gurley Leep Kia

  • Since installing this product on our fleet, we have been involved in ZERO rear-end collisions."

    Al Foos
    EZ Messenger

  • Once customers see Pulse demonstrated, they get it, the love it, and they are willing to pay for it."

    Bob Hayden
    VP - Jordan Auto Group

  • We are constantly trying to find ways to reduce or remove our exposure to accidents and losses…. Pulse is perfect product to help us accomplish that goal.”

    Robert Stinson
    Chas Roberts Air Conditioning

  • … features such as Pulse offered by our dealership give our customers an additional cost-effective option to proactively prevent rear-end collisions ...."

    John Chavez
    GM - Phil Long Hyundai

  • The safer braking technology has been a major factor in our dealership’s success."

    Cheryl Humphreys
    Peoria Subaru

  • I recommend Pulse ... it is a great safety product for our customers ...."

    Chris Bruder
    GM - Texas Toyota

  • [Pulse] is affordably priced, and since safety is one of our main concerns, we find a tremendous value in offering this product to our customers."

    Steve Lewandowski
    Business Mgr - Moore Chrysler/Jeep