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New Partnership With Rhys Millen Racing

New Partnership With Rhys Millen Racing

New Partnership With Rhys Millen Racing

We at Pulse have always been proud of our products when it comes to driver safety and preventing rear-end collisions. We believe our products increase driver safety and reduce the chance of injuries or death caused by these accidents.

Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai North America in the 2012 racing season. This partnership will help promote Pulse’s Safer Braking Technology on the No. 67 car as it will race in the 2012 Formula Drift, Global RallyCross Championship and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Check out the official press release here.

New Partnership With Rhys Millen Racing

Having an industry leader like Rhys Millen in the driver seat will bring more awareness to the need of rear-end collision safety, whether it involves performance racing cars or the average vehicle on the road.

We hope to see Rhys Millen compete at the highest levels of championship racing as he has shown throughout his career. With two consecutive podium finishes in the Formula Drift 2011, and finishing 3rd in points in the Global RallyCross Championship of 2011, Rhys Millen has shown his racing professionalism and his drive to succeed in his sport. His dedication and leadership is one that we at Pulse believe in and are proud to join with as a sponsor.

This partnership with Hyundai and Rhys Millen Racing shows Pulse’s dedication and hard work in developing state-of-the-art technologies in safe braking for drivers by introducing our equipment in championship Formula Drift and Global RallyCross racing cars. Our equipment and technology is proven to help drivers operating at high speed and using mental focus can have extra auto safety measures.

With the racing season set to begin for 2012, the Rhys Millen team and Pulse are set to start testing the Hyundai Genesis coupe for the 2012 Formula Drift on March 29, 2012.

For more information on Rhys Millen Racing, click here.

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