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Magic windshield wipers

I have to admit, when I first saw that some auto manufacturers were offering rain-sensing windshield wipers, I thought it was a little silly. After all, how difficult is it to notice it’s raining and turn on your wipers? But then I thought, well, maybe that’s pretty cool…wonder how it works? And so I found this: How Stuff Works.

And then, my mind spinning with possibility, I got to thinking about convertibles, and what a bummer it would be to be cruising along with the top down one minute, and then to suddenly feel the raindrops on your head. Well, trust Cadillac to have thought about that, too: in 1958, the Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors experimented with a water-sensitive switch that triggered various electric motors to close the convertible top and raise the open windows of a specially-built Eldorado Biarritz.. In 1996, Cadillac once again equipped cars with an automatic rain sensor, this time to automatically trigger the windshield wipers and adjust their speed to conditions as necessary.

Ah, the way automobile manufacturers address the needs we never even know we had…magic.

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