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Learn the History of the Third Brake Light

Learn the History of the Third Brake Light

Learn the History of the Third Brake Light

Whenever you step on the brake pedal, your car’s brake lights will illuminate to inform other drivers that your vehicle is slowing down or stopping. Without brake lights, our roads would be chaotic and dangerous. Until the 1980s, however, cars were only required to have two brake lights. To highlight the benefits of a pulsing third brake light, here is a look at the history of the third brake light.

Origins of the Third Brake Light

The third brake light can trace its history back to the mid-1970s, when a psychologist named John Voevodsky conducted a study on taxi cabs in San Francisco. Voevodsky was interested in whether having a third brake light would prevent rear in collisions. According to his findings, the third brake light significantly improved the safety of drivers. In fact, having a third brake light prevented collisions and reduced damage to the cabs in the study.

Development of the Third Brake Light

Following the results of Voevodsky’s study, the NHTSA took an interest in improving brake light regulations in the United States. By 1986, all new cars were legally required to have three brake lights, instead of the traditional two lights. By the mid-1990s, nearly every car on the truck featured the three brake light system.

Evolution of the Third Brake Light

Today, third brake lights have evolved to include better illumination and advanced features. The pulsing third brake light, for example, is helping to prevent distracted drivers and keep all motorists safe as they travel down the road. Automakers are continuing to develop new and innovative improvements to the braking and lighting systems of cars.

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