Introducing Pulse Protects®

Introducing Pulse

The name says it all

Pulse is the rear-end collision deterrent that rapidly pulses your third brake light 4 times when you press the brake pedal (the pulsing does not repeat upon any subsequent application of the brakes for 5 seconds so as not to annoy trailing drivers in stop-and-go traffic). According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), 90% of rear-end collisions could be avoided if the trailing vehicle had one extra second of warning.* Pulse provides that warning.

You're the most important person on the road

This philosophy is shared by auto dealers, nationwide, who offer Pulse to their customers. The same is true of hundreds of cab, transit, delivery and rental car companies looking not only to protect the investment in their motor vehicles, but also their most valuable investment – the one they’ve made in you and your safety.

Pulse safer braking technology is the safest distance between two points. With Pulse on board, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your family from “the Other Guy.” We invite you to look for Pulse displays where you buy or rent the cars you drive. It’s a sure sign you’ll be able to drive away with confidence.

1NTSB Safety Alert, Addressing Deadly Rear-End Crashes, SA-046, June 2015

Over $39 Billion

Crashes due to distracted driving resulted in economic costs of $39.7 billion in 2010.

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More than 1.5 Million

A summary of U.S. distracted driving statistics in 2015 shows more than 1.5 million collisions due to distraction-affected car crashes.

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Approx. 400,000

NHTSA estimates that there are approximately 400,00 injuries from distraction-affected motor vehicle crashes.

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Over 3,000

There were 2,935 fatal crashes that occurred on U.S. roadways in 2017 that involved distraction, resulting in 3,166 fatalities.

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