Meet the Pulse<sup>®</sup> Family: Tracey Stegemoller

Meet the Pulse® Family: Tracey Stegemoller

Meet the Pulse<sup>®</sup> Family: Tracey Stegemoller

NEWS: Tracey Stegemoller was born in Indianapolis, and still lives on the same property where he grew up, on the West side of town. His dad was a construction pipe insulator, and his mom was usually a full-time homemaker. When he was younger, Tracey was crazy about baseball, and wanted to be a baseball player. That ended in high school, however, when he was told he’d have to cut his hair. Instead, he opted to ditch baseball for guitar, and became a musician. He and his band did quite a bit of touring, and have released three CDs of original music. If you’d like to listen, click here.

Tracey and his partner, Jenny, have been together for 18 years, and they have a 14 year old son named Brayton. Jenny also has a 20 year old son, Dalton, who Tracey has raised since Dalton was a toddler. In his free timne, Tracey loves to play music, golf, or go bowling, but his greatest passion is racing carts: his idea of a great day is hanging out at the cart track with his family, and he says that when he’s racing, nothing else exists – all worries and stresses are gone. Tracey also enjoys going to microbreweries, and trying craft beers. So, if he’s coming to see you, look for a great bar with a lot of local beers on tap – he will love you for it!

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