Meet the Pulse Family: Abeer Miller

Meet the Pulse Family: Abeer Miller

Meet the Pulse Family: Abeer Miller

When you’re driving in Colorado and see a pulsing third brake light on the car in front of you, chances are good that Abeer was responsible for it! She lives near Denver now, but was born on the other side of the world; here’s her story.

Abeer Akrouk Miller is Palestinian, and was born in Kuwait. She and her parents moved to Jordan when she was 8 years old, and then went back to Kuwait when she was 18. Her father is a civil engineer, and worked up until four years ago, when he was 90! Abeer’s mother is a volunteer, and has been a key member of the Palestinian Women’s Union for many years.

When she was 18, Abeer moved to England to begin her education. She lived there for two years, returned to Kuwait, and then decided to pursue a degree in Communications and Public Relations. This took her to California, and she graduated from Cal State Chico in 1986. After graduation, she stayed in Chico and became a car salesperson, and eventually a Finance Manager.

Abeer has a son is named Nabeel (21), which means “noble” in Arabic, and a daughter is named Haneen (19), which means “Yearning for the Homeland”. She has been married to Brent for almost 10 years, and he has four children: David, Eric, Adam, and Katie. They have a  Maltese pooch, Fluffy, that Abeer enjoys taking for a walk through their Castle Pines neighborhood – like a typical Coloradoian, she loves to spend time outdoors!

When asked what she likes about representing Pulse, Abeer says it is very simple. Pulse helps keep people safe, and that’s important to her.

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