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How Most Rear End Collisions Can Be Prevented

How Most Rear End Collisions Can Be Prevented

How Most Rear End Collisions Can Be Prevented

Rear end collisions account for many accidents on the road, but most of them could be avoided with better preparation and driving habits. Making your vehicle more visible to other drivers with a pulsing brake light and following other cars at an appropriate distance can help you stay out of rear end collisions, so you don’t sustain avoidable injuries, car repairs, and emotional distress. Keep reading for a closer look at some statistics on rear end accidents and the ways they may be prevented.

Leave adequate buffer space
It’s not often that you’re on the road without other drivers around. When you’re behind another car, be sure to keep from following too closely, so that you have time to react if the driver in front of you suddenly stops or slows down. With just one extra second of warning, 90% of rear end collisions could be avoided, according to the Department of Transportation. That means that leaving just one extra second of space between you and other cars can be the difference between an accident and a close call.

Install a pulsing brake light
To prevent other drivers from hitting your car, you can offer extra warning when you hit the brakes with a pulsing third brake light. This type of light can be particularly effective if the driver behind you is distracted, since it will catch more attention that a solid light.

Obey passing rules
As much as you can control your car and your driving habits, you cannot control other drivers. That means knowing when to simply let aggressive drivers get around you by staying out of the left lane, except to pass and obeying passing rules on all interstates and highways.

If you want to reduce your chances of experiencing a rear end collision, Pulse Protects has got you covered. Ask your local auto dealer about our third brake light technology, or visit our website to see how it works.

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