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Driving Distracted

Driving Distracted

Driving Distracted

Last year, the Department of Transportation (DOT), Pixar, and Disney teamed up to help fight distracted driving with a public service announcement with Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, and the rest of the animated characters of “Cars 2.”

In advance of the movie release, the 30-second PSA was called, “Only the bad guys drive distracted.” With the help of the Cars characters, it advised viewers that “No calling, no texting was the best way to drive; important things that can take away your focus.”

The ad was available in more than a dozen countries with various translations and the DOT increased coverage by partnering with the “Make Roads” Safe campaign for road safety.

Driving Distracted

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has worked with Disney before on various safety campaigns. Reaching children at an early age is the objective behind the campaigns and will ultimately decrease the number of teen driving distracted.

Pulse is a product you can get at your local car dealership to proactively protect yourself and your family from distracted drivers.  (NHTSA studies showed that a distracted driver was 69% more likely to notice you with Pulse installed.)

Click here to watch Public Service Announcement

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