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Consumers Want Safer Cars on the Roads

Consumers Want Safer Cars on the Roads

Consumers Want Safer Cars on the Roads

Whether it’s a system that contacts the police in the event of an accident, or a wrecker in the event of a breakdown along the side of the road, a new study shows that the majority of people would like more safety technology in their cars and, ultimately, want safer cars.

According to a study by global management consulting company, Accenture, of 7,000 drivers surveyed in seven different countries, over 90% said a lane-changing/blind-spot warning system is technology they’d most like to use in their vehicles.

The study mostly shows that drivers are very interested in communication and information-related technologies implemented in their cars to create better connection between them and emergency centers as well as recovery organizations.

Some of the most notable statistics that stand out from the study include:

9 out of 12 technologies consumers preferred were safety-related, including:

  • 83% would like anti-lock breaking systems
  • 69% would like a lane-keeping system
  • 68% would like an in-vehicle alcohol tester
  • 63% would like a fatigue warning system
  • 59% want smartphone controls in their steering wheel
  • 58% would like a reading dictation system for emails

The study is full of other statistics about consumers and their desire for new technologies in vehicles – not just luxury models.

The biggest takeaway is that people are thinking about safety and making it a priority in their lives. Consumers want safer cars and better technology that will keep them safe on the roads.

*photo credit: Jon Seidman

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