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Busting Myths About Pulse

Busting Myths About Pulse

Busting Myths About Pulse

Did you know that 38% of accidents are rear-end collisions? According to the Department of Transportation, 90% of those accidents could be prevented if drivers had a single extra second of warning that the people in front of them were stopping. Pulse is designed to give you that extra second. Pulse is a center-mounted brake light that pulses every time you tap your brakes. Those pulses draw the attention of drivers behind you right away, so they know that you are coming to a stop. Despite the safety benefits of the Pulse system, myths about how it works keeps many drivers from investing in it. Don’t let these myths compromise your safety on the road.

Myth: Pulse won’t work in my car.

If your car or light duty truck was manufactured after 1991, then the Pulse system will work in your vehicle. Pulse spent two years ensuring that the system would work as expected in every make and model. You can rest assured that if your car is newer than a 1991 model, then Pulse is a wise investment for you.

Myth: Pulse will void my warranty

Vehicle manufacturers are legally prohibited from voiding your warranty for adding Pulse to your car. The law that protects you is The Mangus Moss Warranty Act, and it prohibits the voiding of warranties for any addition of equipment after market that would not contribute to an equipment failure. Pulse doesn’t affect any part of your car except the light bulb in your center-mounted light.

Myth: I can buy a Pulse system online.

Pulse does not sell to consumers and instead sells to qualified dealerships who have been determined to provide the high quality of service and installation we expect. If you see a Pulse system for sale online, it could be counterfeit or is being sold by an illegitimate dealer.

Improve your safety while driving by adding a Pulse system to your car. Visit our website to learn much more about the benefits of a pulsing third brake light and to find a Pulse dealer in your area.

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