What Can Happen When Your Brake Lights Don’t Work?

What Can Happen When Your Brake Lights Don’t Work?

What Can Happen When Your Brake Lights Don’t Work?

Your brakes are among the most crucial parts of your car, but your brake lights play several important roles as well. Your brake lights keep you visible when you’re driving in inclement weather, and other people’s brake lights help you notice other cars on the road. Without them, you are more likely to find yourself in a car accident, and in some cases, you might even get a ticket from the police. Here’s a look at what can happen when your brake lights don’t work.

Reduced Visibility

Visibility is essential when you’re driving. You need to be able to see other vehicles on the road, and they need to be able to see you. If your brake lights don’t work, the cars behind you might not be able to notice you. This is amplified when driving through rain or a snowstorm. It can be equally problematic when driving at night. Keep yourself visible by ensuring that your brake lights work and adding a pulsing light for security.

Higher Chance of Fender Benders

It’s not enough for drivers to be able to see each other’s cars—they also need to be able to anticipate each other’s actions. If the person driving behind you can’t tell when you’re braking, it will be more difficult for him or her to tell what you’re doing. If your brake lights aren’t functioning, you may be at a higher risk of a car collision like a fender bender.

Potential for a Ticket

Since broken brake lights pose so many problems for drivers, you may be ticketed if a police officer notices that yours are out. This can add unnecessary stress to your life, so look up your local laws and have your brake lights fixed as soon as you can.

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