After-Market Modifications to Improve Your Car’s Safety

After-Market Modifications to Improve Your Car’s Safety

After-Market Modifications to Improve Your Car’s Safety

No matter what kind of car you drive, safety should be your primary concern on the road. If your car doesn’t have the best safety ratings or you just want to keep your risk of an accident as low as possible, there are some upgrades you can make to boost the safety of your car or truck.

Additional Mirrors
Your rear-view mirrors can help you see who is behind and next to your car, but you’ll still have blind spots. Adding a wide-view mirror on top of your current mirror will expand your visibility, so you can reduce your blind spots.  

Higher Quality Tires
Because your tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road, you will want to invest in high-quality tires and replace them at regular intervals. Don’t settle for the cheapest tire available, and never ignore signs of wear and tear. This will ensure that your vehicle stops on command and performs better in all weather conditions.

Pulsing Third Brake Light
A rear end collision happens once every few seconds, but many could be avoided if drivers had more adequate warning of vehicles stopping or slowing down in front of them. A pulsing third brake light can be installed on your vehicle to make other drivers take notice as soon as you hit the brakes.

Phone Mount and Bluetooth Adapter
Cell phones have become a part of daily life, and unfortunately, that means they are being used more frequently behind the wheel. If you use your phone to play music, make calls, or navigate while you drive, invest in a cell phone mount to keep it in easy view for navigation as well as a Bluetooth adapter to make hands-free calls and play music.

Some modifications are easy to make yourself, but adding a pulsing third brake light should be left to the professionals. To explore the technology that will increase your visibility on the road, check out Pulse Protects online, or ask your auto dealer about installation.

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