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Arrowhead Honda – First Dealership to Sell Cars Installed with Pulse™

Part of the excitement behind Pulse™ is getting to see it being used by customers and knowing the difference it will make in increasing safety on the road. You can get cars installed with Pulse™ at several dealerships, and we will be featuring those dealerships here on the Pulse Blog.

Arrowhead Honda is one of the first dealerships to sell cars installed with Pulse™, and I’m excited to tell you more about this quality dealership. Arrowhead Honda is located in Peoria, Arizona, right outside of Glendale. They have been serving the Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale area for eighteen years.

In addition to its record-breaking heat and its reputation as “Arizona’s Antique Capital,” Glendale is home to the Phoenix Cardinals and the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes. The 2011 World Series was just played in Phoenix, the 2008 Superbowl was played at the University of Phoenix Stadium and both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox do their Spring Training in the area.

I talked with Michael Southern, the Service Director at Arrowhead Honda and an Arizona native who can’t imagine living anywhere else. Michael has been with Arrowhead for twelve years and runs the service department where they service between 130-170 vehicles per day.

Arrowhead Honda is a seven time President’s Award Winner, the highest honor annually bestowed on Honda dealerships from American Honda. This award is presented to the top dealerships that have achieved a rigorous set of objectives encompassing all areas of operations. It’s important to note that less than 15% of all Honda dealerships in America achieve the President’s Award status.

Arrowhead Honda is ranked #1 in Highest Customer Loyalty in Arizona State and in 2010 was ranked 8th in the Nation in Highest Customer Loyalty (out of 1300 dealerships).

Michael told me Pulse™ is an option he believes may help improve safety on the roads, which is needed in an area known for unsafe drivers. “Pulse™ stands out. Being highly visible might make all the difference in someone’s life,” said Michael.

Michael has Pulse™ on his own car and says you can easily see the pulsing light from behind. He’s also put it on all three of his Arrowhead Honda service vans. The product increases the visibility of the vans which are driven all over the area. The vans travel about 35,000 miles each year, and they all have advertising for Arrowhead Honda and Pulse™ on them so people know where they can get the product they see on the vans.

I asked Michael to share his most important safe driving tips. “For me it boils down to High Aim Driving. Looking far enough down the road to be able to see what’s ahead, where someone has stopped and the lane lines. Also, as someone who’s driven for over 20 years with no accidents or tickets (knock on wood!), I can tell you that speeding can be extremely hazardous. It’s not worth it as a driver. Drivers that are going 90 mph vs. 60 mph are only getting to their destinations a minute ahead and risking too much to do so.”

Arrowhead Honda is a community-minded dealership. When you buy a car from the dealership, a donation is made to a local school. They also do an outreach called Learning Links where a dozen students come to the dealership after school and pair up with an adult for an hour of tutoring and mentoring. They also take the kids out to baseball games and other events.

Arrowhead Honda is about quality service and customer satisfaction. They see selling Pulse™ as part of their high quality service to their customers. We’re excited to welcome Arrowhead Honda to the Pulse™ Family!

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