Accident Prevention With Pulse

Accident Prevention With Pulse

Accident Prevention With Pulse

This past weekend for me was devoted to rest and relaxation only.  After a long work week, sometimes you really look forward to the weekends being more laid back and worry free. Sunday’s of course, are church and family day. But this particular Sunday was a little different than others.

Taking my usual route to church, something felt a bit off as I made my morning commute. My intuition was very alarming, which made me more aware of my driving surroundings instantly.  Surely enough, less than 3 miles later, a two car, rear-end collision had taken place.

Driving past the accident site, I observed the people involved, which were an elderly woman and an individual in his late teens. Not even seconds later, I made an assumption that the teen was in the wrong, perhaps for texting and driving. Nonetheless, the final thought that came across my mind was: “what if the woman had Pulse installed in her car?”

A challenge that we all face in life is that unexpected incidents may occur without you having any control over.  Preparation wise, how will you tackle these set-backs?  Will you completely allow the circumstances to take over, or will you be equipped to take on the challenges that are thrown your way?

I was offered the idea of getting Pulse installed in my car after accepting the marketing position within the company and I figured this would be a great idea.  It was mentioned to me that rear-end collisions account for nearly 40% of all traffic accidents, and one in three people have had their lives significantly affected by a rear-end collision.

Why become a statistic if you can prevent it?

Accident Prevention With Pulse

Now me personally, I drive a 2010 black Chevy Camaro.  This may not be the most expensive vehicle ever, but it sure does mean a lot to me.  It was a college graduation gift from my parents, so a more sentimental meaning behind it than anything.  I’ve been in two car accidents my entire life and if I can avoid a third, I’m going to make sure I do. I say that to say this; My anticipation for Pulse being installed in my car is pretty high right now and it’s something that I’m really looking forward to having, not only because it looks cool, but because it could ultimately save my life as well as someone else’s.

Thinking back to that accident, I was highly grateful for the opportunity to have a deterrent that could actually alter my life in a positive way.  Something so simple, yet so powerful such as Pulse can really be a benefit on many levels.

So the next time you’re on your daily commute to your destination, always remember to put yourself in the next person’s shoes when you see an accident. Equip yourself with Pulse, and save your life and someone else’s.

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