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5 Car Maintenance Tips for Car Care Month

5 Car Maintenance Tips for Car Care Month

5 Car Maintenance Tips for Car Care Month

As we make our way through October, it’s great to take in the wonderful things that come with the changing of seasons. Between football, leaves changing colors, temperatures dropping, bonfires, pumpkin carving, etc., there’s a lot to love about autumn – including taking care of our cars.

Did you know that October is car care month?

The temperatures will continue to drop and it’s important to make sure our cars are ready for shorter days and colder winter months ahead.

5 Car Maintenance Tips

Here’s a car maintenance tips check list of things to take care of during car care month so that you won’t be scrambling this winter.

  1. Check your fluids: Your engine coolant, brake, power steering, transmission and windshield wiper fluids should be topped off. It might be of value to flush the engine if you’re getting a routine coolant replacement.
  2. Brakes: Warm months can be brutal on your brakes. Your brake pads dwindle from heavy use and wear and tear during the summer. Make sure your pads, shoes, emergency brake, brake lights, pulsing brake lights, etc., are working properly and replace if necessary.
  3. Tires and wheels: Having sufficient tread on your tires when the roads are wet or icy is critical. Check the wear-and-tear on your tread and sidewalls. Keep an eye on tire air pressure as it could fluctuate with changing temperatures.
  4. Wiper Blades: There isn’t much worse than driving in a snowstorm and not being able to see past the windshield because your car’s wiper blades are old and don’t work properly.
  5. Battery: Due to heat, car batteries take a beating during the summer months. The heat sucks a lot of energy from batteries that will often fail to work sufficiently in the winter. Make sure your battery is tested, cleaned and replaced if necessary.

It’s always nice to pay attention to taking care of your car. Making sure it is prepared for colder months is important for safety purposes as well as wear-and-tear on the car itself. If you choose to apply these car maintenance tips on your car yourself, please check with your car’s manual for detailed maintenance instructions.

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