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Mark Olson Blog Talk Radio Interview

As we’re constantly traveling around the country, spreading the word about Pulse, it’s a treat to meet such interesting people who love cars and who love creative and innovative ways to keep people safe while driving.

Mark Olson Blog Talk Radio Interview

Recently, Pulse’s very own Mark Olson joined the “Internet Car Czar”, Rob Melone on the American Chevy 360 radio talk show to discuss the benefits of the Pulse Safer Braking Technology.

25 years ago, the third brake light was revolutionary technology in cars. Studies at the time showed that adding the 3rd brake light to a car increased the effectiveness of brake lights by about 40%. While it appears that over time, as drivers have become used to the third brake light, the effectiveness of the third brake light has diminished, Mark and Rob talk about how Pulse is helping to gain that traction back.

Besides being a radio talk-show host, Rob is the Internet Sales Manager at Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa Oklahoma. Jim Glover Chevrolet carries and installs Pulse on every new Chevrolet they sell.  Rob is an insider in the car industry and his radio show talks about cars and the automobile industry. You can subscribe to the American Chevy 360 podcast in iTunes.

You can listen to Mark and Rob’s discussion on Pulse and more here.

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