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Jan 02 2014

Snowy Roads: Driving Safety Tips

Driving safely on snowy, slippery roads can be quite a challenge! Here's a quick refresher on how to reduce your chances of getting into an accident.
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Dec 11 2013

That Pesky Elf!

Oh, that Elf on the Shelf sure can be a troublemaker! If yours is ready to stretch his stripy little legs and try something different, we have some ideas for you...
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Nov 15 2013

How to Clean Your Car, FAST

Just in time for the holidays, here are some quick and dirty tips on how to get your car interior clean, and fast!
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Nov 01 2013

Healthy Halloween Candy

If you're worried about your waistline surviving all that Halloween candy, you don't have to be. Turns out, some of it is healthy (almost)!
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Oct 18 2013

Autumn Leaves and Colorful Drives

Autumn is a wonderful time to take a drive and enjoy the changing leaves. Here's one of my favorite memories of doing just that: what drives do you remember taking?
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Sep 26 2013

Magic windshield wipers

Have you heard about the windshield wipers that know it's raining almost before you do?


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Sep 13 2013

Friday the 13th

Why do we worry so much about Friday the 13th? Do we have reason to be scared? Read on to uncover the truth behind the superstition!
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Aug 30 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day marks the last official weekend of summer. Do you know why we celebrate it, and how will you celebrate yours?
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Aug 19 2013

The Indiana State Fair

The 2013 Indiana State Fair is over now, leaving behind lots of happy memories and photographs that we will all be enjoying until next August. Have you ever been to the fair? Read on to find out why you should.
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Jul 24 2013

Scenic Summer Drives

It's an American summer tradition: the family road trip! Where will you go this summer? Here are some suggestions of the most picturesque routes our country has to offer.
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Jun 28 2013

That "New Car Smell"

That elusive New Car Smell...what is it, anyway? And is it potentially harmful? Read this to learn more!
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Jun 21 2013


Summertime, and the living is easy...come on, sing along with us today, the first day of summer!
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Jun 10 2013

The Most Efficient Exercise

If you're having a tough time fitting in your workouts, we have a simple solution for you!
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Jun 03 2013

Basketball and tattoos

Tonight the Indiana Pacers face off against the Miami Heat. It's sure to be an exciting game, filled with terrific basketball, and LOTS of tattoos! Have you ever wondered about all that ink?
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May 28 2013

How to Drive a Car Like James Bond

If you have ever dreamed of being James Bond, the dream probably included one of these cars!
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May 20 2013

Start Your Engines!

How much do you know about the Indianapolis 500? Here are a few fun facts, as well as some simple glossary terms, so you can better enjoy the "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"!
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May 13 2013

The Big Yellow School Bus

The mystery of why school buses are yellow - solved!
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May 06 2013

Driver's Education

All drivers, novice and experienced, can sometimes use a little refresher on defensive driving techniques. Here's some good advice, and you don't even need to sit in that little car with the big sign on top of it!
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Apr 24 2013

New Car Year, New Car Features

Many are calling 2013 a watershed year for new automotive technology - here is your chance to learn more about all the bells and whistles now available!
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Apr 12 2013

How to Shrink Your Waistline

Warmer weather means less clothing to hide beneath - here is a summary of some of the most popular diet plans, and a tool to help you shed those extra winter pounds in a healthy way!
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Apr 01 2013

Drinking & Driving

While most of us are careful to always drink responsibly, if at all, there are some reminders that are always relevant. Let's all help each other keep our roads safe.
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Mar 25 2013

Car Games for Kids

The first part of enjoying a Spring Break vacation is getting there - here are a few tips on how to keep children happy on the journey!
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Mar 19 2013

Meet the Pulse Family: Tracey Stegemoller

Our company is based in the Midwest, but our employees live all over the country, and are a fun and diverse bunch! Tracey lives in Indianapolis, will be helping run Installations.
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Mar 15 2013

Pulse Joins Andrew Hobbs on Road to Indy

INDIANAPOLIS – (March 7, 2013) – Pulse, the automotive safety product that improves the reaction time of drivers, especially distracted drivers, by creating an attention getting alert when cars are slowing down or stopping, today announces it is partnering with third generation race car driver Andrew Hobbs as a primary sponsor to his #15 car. 

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Mar 11 2013

Meet the Pulse Family: Justin Stuckey

Our company is based in the Midwest, but our employees live all over the country, and are a fun and diverse bunch! Justin is our local sales representive.
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Mar 04 2013

The Return of Diesel

Diesel engines often get a bad rap, but offer some real advantages! Learn more here, and then read about the diesel car that raced the Indy500.
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Feb 25 2013

Meet the Pulse Family: Abeer Miller

Our company is based in the Midwest, but our employees live all over the country, and are a fun and diverse bunch!
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Feb 18 2013

Allen Swift Loved His Car

Would you drive your car for 82 years? This man did!
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Feb 08 2013

Fun facts about Indiana!

Think you know all there is to know about Indiana? Get ready to be surprised!
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Feb 01 2013

Car Ads - Super Bowl 2013 Sneak Preview

With over 100 million viewers, the 2013 Super Bowl will also feature the year's best car ads. We've got a couple of sneak previews here for you!

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Jan 29 2013

Meet the Pulse Family: Rigo Cervantes

Our company is based in the Midwest, but our employees live all over the country, and are a fun and diverse bunch!
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Jan 22 2013

Cold - no, FRIGID! - Weather Driving Preparedness

Baby, it's COLD outside! Here in Indianapolis, we know a thing or two about winter driving, and we would like to share some quick and easy tips to help keep you and your family safe.
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Jan 11 2013

DIY Windshield Washing Fluid

Dirty windshields are dangerous! Here's how to make your own washing fluid, to keep them crystal clear.
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Jan 04 2013

How to Take Your Best Driver's License Photo Ever

Even the most photegenic person can look awful in their driver's license photo, so here are some tips to help you look your very best, in spite of the stress and terrible lighting!
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Dec 20 2012

The Olson Family's Wassail

Pulse President and founder Mark Olson shares his family's favorite winter cider!
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Dec 17 2012

Razorback goodness!

If you need a sweet treat for the holidays, try these Razorback Cream Cheese Cupcakes, shared by Pulse's own Razorback, Michelle Hanby. Click through for the recipe, and to learn a little about Michelle!
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Dec 10 2012

Pulse Family Recipes

Pulse employees from across the country share our favorite holiday recipes!
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Oct 03 2012

What Would You do with $32 Million Dollars?

What would you do if you fell into a lot of money. Would you buy an exotic car, or would you pay off the house?
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Aug 13 2012

Rhys Millen Takes Pulse to the Top

Rhys Millen and Team RMR set NEW World Record at the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. 

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Aug 02 2012

Only Bad Guys Drive Distracted

Department of Transportation (DOT), Disney, and Pixar joined forces in the attempts to reduce distracted driving, by putting together a PSA using the characters of the movie, "Cars 2."
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Jul 23 2012

Safe Driving to Protect Yourself and Others

How good of a driver do you consider yourself?  Here are some Do's & Don'ts of safe driving that will keep you protected and other drivers around you.

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Jul 16 2012

New Driver Common Mistakes

A newly licensed driver can be a gift and a curse.  Everyday teens are injured, even killed because they were distracted in some type of way.  Here are some common mistakes made by teens/new drivers. 

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Jun 26 2012

Reclining Seats Could Cause Serious Injury in an Auto Accident

Reclining your seat during long car rides may seem comfortable, but in reality could cause serious bodily harm/death to a passenger if involved in a car accident.
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Jun 13 2012

Handling a Ding/Cracked Windshield

Windshield dings/cracks can be a real pain in the butt and often times a burden on your pockets.  Here are a few tips to go by if you're ever in this situation. 
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May 29 2012

Sharing the Roads with Bicyclists

Bicycle lanes are becoming more common on today's roads. Here are some motorist tips on sharing lanes with cyclists.

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May 17 2012

Self-Driving Cars; Not Just a Thought But a Reality

The state of Nevada recently approves self-driving vehicles.  Google is the first company in the United States to be issued a license to test vehicles on roadways.
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Apr 25 2012

Pulse Lands in St. Louis, MO for 2012 NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute & Expo

Pulse promotes the importance of safe driving at the 2012 NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute & Expo held in St. Louis, Missouri.
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Apr 16 2012

Are You Equipped?

Lives are affected daily by unexpected occurrences, some preventable, but most unprepared. Being equipped for the worst will ultimately be the make or break for any circumstance.
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Apr 09 2012

Formula DRIFT Round 1: Rhys Millen Results from Streets of Long Beach

2012 Formula DRIFT kicks off opening round in Long Beach, CA.  Pulse partner Rhys Millen finishes sixth in overall standings of the competition. 
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Mar 22 2012

Pulse Announces New Partnership With Rhys Millen Racing

Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai North America in the 2012 racing season. This partnership will help promote Pulse’s Safer Braking Technology on the No. 67 car as it will race in the 2012 Formula Drift, Global RallyCross Championship and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. 
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Mar 01 2012

Pulse Customer Success Story

Matt Totty recently purchased two vehicles with Pulse installed. After realizing that Pulse was alerting the drivers behind him to stop as Totty was hitting the brakes, he fell in love with the product. "I won't even consider another car if it doesn't have Pulse in it." 

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Feb 27 2012

Mark Olson on Blog Talk Radio

Recently, Pulse's very own Mark Olson joined the “Internet Car Czar”, Rob Melone on the American Chevy 360 radio talk show to discuss the benefits of the Pulse Safer Braking Technology. 
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Jan 30 2012

More Gadgets in Cars: Good or Bad?

Ever wonder who makes the decisions on what is considered safe and unsafe in automobiles? His name is David Strickland and he’s the administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Strickland’s team must decide whether the new technologies like streaming video, Wi-Fi hotspots and voice-controlled social media flooding new automobiles is safe or dangerous. 

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Jan 11 2012

Consumers Want Safer Vehicles on the Roads

Whether it’s a system that contacts the police in the event of an accident, or a wrecker in the event of a breakdown along the side of the road, a new study shows that the majority of people would like more safety technology in their cars.
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Jan 06 2012

NTSB Wants to Ban Hand-Held Devices on the Road

National Transportation Safety Board is asking all states to significantly cut back on distracted driving. Last month the NTSB issued a press release recommending that all states prohibit the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving – including hands-free devices.

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Dec 08 2011

Phone Companies Join in Against Texting While Driving

The statistics are staggering. We’ve probably all seen the billboards, the commercials, etc., pleading with us not to text while driving. According to, in 2009 nearly 5,500 people were killed in car crashes as a result of someone being distracted behind the wheel. Nearly 450,000 were injured. Now, some phone companies are hopping on the bandwagon against distracted driving.
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Nov 21 2011

Things to Consider if You Need New Tires Before Winter

I've known the day was coming where I needed to buy tires for the winter, but I got to thinking about what kind of tires I wanted to go with. Do I want "snow tires" or should I go with "all season" tires? What is the difference, really? What factors should I be considering? Here are a few things to consider when you're doing some tire comparisons of your own. 
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Oct 25 2011

Texting and Driving

I was driving down the freeway the other day doing close to 60 and ended up behind a car in the center lane doing about 45 mph. The driver was swerving slightly and causing a small traffic jam. When I finally got into a different lane and drove by the slow poke, I looked at the driver who was busy looking at her phone and occasionally looking up at the road. At this point another driver laid on the horn which got her attention but did little to stop her from texting while driving! 
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Oct 19 2011

Gas Saving Tips

The reality is, gas is expensive and for most of us, if we want to get to work, go to the store or take a trip to the coast this weekend, we need gas for our cars. But in the everyday hustle and bustle, we may tend to forget that there are some pretty easy and simple steps that can increase our miles per gallon and keep us from that inevitable trip to gas up maybe a day longer. 
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Oct 12 2011

5 Essential Maintenance Tips during Car Care Month

Did you know that October is car care month? The temperatures will continue to drop and it’s important to make sure our cars are ready for shorter days and colder winter months ahead. Here’s a check list of things to take care of during car care month so that you won’t be scrambling this winter. 
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Oct 04 2011

Top 3 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Let’s be honest, if you’re a rider and get in an accident on the road, your risk for injury or death is far greater than if you drive a car. Drivers of 4-wheel vehicles are surrounded by steel and airbags that are designed to take the blow for them when they’re in accidents. There are ways, however, to protect yourself on the road when you're riding your motorcycle. There are things to consider and look for that will protect you and could possibly save your life. 
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Sep 28 2011

Teenage Driving Tips

When my son’s 16th birthday started approaching, I cringed. I knew he’d want to get his driver’s license, drive my car and be on my insurance. And learning that new teen drivers have the highest risk of crashing of any group did not make me feel any better. But I got my license on my 16th birthday and it was high time for him to start driving to places on his own rather than mom and dad dropping him off and picking him up everywhere. 
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Sep 21 2011

Seatbelts and Driving Safety

For me, wearing a seatbelt is as essential as putting the key in the ignition. It’s a must, and it comes naturally. So it always amazes me when I’m driving down the road, and I can see other drivers not wearing their seatbelts. Nonetheless, it should come as no surprise to learn that 15 percent of drivers do not use seat belt. 
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Sep 16 2011

Distracted Driving Risks in Connected Car Technology

… the new technological features were certainly eye-opening. I began to wonder if I would ever use any of it, especially while driving. And if I did, what kind of dangers was I putting myself and other driver’s into for fidgeting with all the controls and features. It turns out I’m not alone in that assessment, as the latest issue of Consumer Reports discusses the new risks associated with technologically advanced vehicles. 
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Aug 11 2011

Arrowhead Honda

Part of the excitement behind Pulse™ is getting to see it being used by customers and knowing the difference it will make in increasing safety on the road. You can get cars installed with Pulse™ at several dealerships, and we will be featuring those dealerships here on the Pulse Blog. 
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Aug 08 2011

Introduction to Pulse™

Last week I talked with Michael Southern of Arrowhead Honda in Peoria, Arizona about how Pulse™ works and how Arrowhead Honda is using it on their service vehicles to improve safety on the road. He’d just gotten Pulse™ installed in his own car and told me it makes his car “highly visible.” This phrase is one that I keep hearing from those who’ve gotten Pulse™ installed on their vehicles. 
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Aug 05 2011

Flying Cars May Soon Be a Reality

One of my favorite movie series is Back to the Future. It’s such a fun trilogy, and I love when the characters travel to the future and their vehicle, the Delorean, has been converted to a flying car. They travel to 2015 where cars fly through the air just like airplanes. I recently found an article that says flying cars may be available as early as 2012! 
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Aug 03 2011

Alcohol Detection Devices-Standard in All Vehicles?

I once had a neighbor who was a repeat DUI offender who was eventually forced to appear in court. Since he could not drive I drove him and sat in on his court hearing. The judge ruled that he had to pay a hefty fine, and in a few years he could get a provisionary license-but any car he drove had to be equipped with a car breathalyzer. 
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Aug 01 2011

Taking a Stand for Better Teen Driving Laws

I work with elementary age children and at work yesterday one of the kids told me he couldn’t wait to be a teenager and get his driver’s license. He’s eight and can barely follow the directions to walk from the playground to our classroom without crashing into shelves, doors and other kids. The thought of him on the road scares the heck out of me! I was telling him that when he’s a teenager, he’ll have to follow all the driving laws as a driver. 
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Jul 29 2011

Hybrids & Electric Cars…Make Some Noise!

I am a runner and sometimes run on sidewalks and roads in addition to running paths and tracks. It’s a bit scary trying to avoid vehicles, especially when they don’t pay attention to you! One thing that keeps happening is near misses with hybrids. They are super quiet and can appear suddenly without warning. 
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Jul 27 2011

In the News…Bargaining for Better Fuel Economy Standards

Summer weather means summer travel. I’ve already been to a work conference, a wedding in Portland, two birthdays at the Oregon Coast, a weekend in Idaho, and next weekend I’m going white water rafting. The one thing I’m thankful for is that gas prices are starting to fall. 
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Jul 25 2011

American Traffic Safety Services Association

I live in the country and when I head to town, I have to take a highway. Lately there’s been a ton of construction going on during the day. Today I was driving along and came to a long line of cars that were moving from two lanes down to one lane. Usually you see a few guys working but there were at least twenty working in a group with jackhammers. 
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Jul 22 2011

Roadside Breakdowns

New Year’s Eve, 1999, I was driving by myself from Cannon Beach, OR to Puyallup, WA to attend a New Year’s Eve Party at a friend’s house. Normally, before I go on road trips I have my car checked to make sure everything is up and running. This time, however, I made a last minute decision and left without doing this. I ended up with a flat tire, in the dark and in the rain at a rest stop changing my tire. It was a miserable end to the year, but it taught me to always have my car checked before a road trip. 
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Jul 20 2011

The Skinny on Driver’s Education

When I was a sophomore in high school I took a driver’s education course that was offered at school. I already had my instruction permit and had spent some time driving with my parents, but my parents wanted me to have a better understanding of driving. Also, our insurance company offered a discount if I completed the course. 
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Jul 18 2011

Distracted Driving

There's a new insurance commercial on TV about distracted driving. It shows a simulation where a driver is drinking and spilling coffee, talking on the phone, listening to music, doing makeup (it’s a guy, by the way), with a crazy dancing friend and a baby in the backseat. It’s actually pretty funny but it got me thinking about twelve years ago when I used to have a 45-minute commute to work. 
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Jul 15 2011

In the News…Fatal Crash Reenergizes Bus Safety Regulations

Summer weather means summer travel. I’ve already been to a work conference, a wedding in Portland, two birthdays at the Oregon Coast, a weekend in Idaho, and next weekend I’m going white water rafting. The one thing I’m thankful for is that gas prices are starting to fall. 
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Jul 13 2011

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Today at work the kids and I wrote letters then took them to the local post office to mail them. The post office is just across the street from our program in a very small town with just one street running through it with a 25 mph speed limit. We walked to the curb, waited for the cars to pass, and looked both ways before we crossed over to the post office. 
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Jul 11 2011

Size Matters: When Bigger is Better

When I was in college my great aunt gave me her 1973 Ambassador. It was blue, big, and easily held six people. We called it the Big Blue Boat and I always felt safe driving around in it because it was such a beast. Through the years I’ve had several different vehicles. I’ve had a Ford pickup, a Toyota Corolla, a little Nissan, and currently drive a Subaru Outback. Out of all of those I really love my Subaru the most. It’s not as large as the Ambassador (thankfully) but it’s a nice sized car. I’ve often wondered about how the size of a vehicle impacts it’s safety and this week’s post should answer that question. 
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Jul 09 2011

Blind Spots and New Innovations

About six weeks ago I hurt my neck at work. I’ve had limited mobility and have been in physical therapy for the last few weeks. Of all the things that are hardest to do is to check my blind spots when I’m driving. Turning my neck to see that spot my mirrors miss is very painful! But the alternative is much worse so I carefully crane my neck when switching lanes. 
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Jul 07 2011

Designated Drivers

A couple of months ago I attended a family member’s 60th birthday party. There was tons of great food, good company and an open bar. One of my boyfriend’s nephews (who’s in his early twenties) was enjoying the open bar a little too much, so we offered to drive him home. He left his car at the house and we headed out. 
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Jul 05 2011

Black Boxes Go Auto

There was a recent story in the news about the recovery of the black box from the 2009 Air France jetliner crash. The recovery of the black box is important because it may be able to identify what caused the crash. Although black boxes have been traditionally used for planes, they are also being used in automobiles. In light of all the Toyota recalls last year, there has been a proposed legislation to make it mandatory for all vehicles to have black boxes. 
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Jul 03 2011

The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine

As I was researching this week’s blog topic I found out that the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) is one organization that is working to help reduce motor vehicle injuries. The AAAM is an international, non-profit education and research organization dedicated entirely to motor vehicle crash injury prevention and improving highway safety around the world. 
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Jul 01 2011

Traveling with Kids

Staying alert and focused as a driver is challenging when you’re driving by yourself. Having to deal with traffic, bad road conditions and weather are just a few of the distractions that drivers face. When you add kids to the equation it can take your focus off the road 
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Jun 28 2011

Free to be Hands-Free

I use my smartphone all the time - for work, checking emails, driving directions, research for projects, listening to music, texting and, of course, making calls! In my area, it’s illegal to drive and use a cell phone without a hands-free device. So I use the speakerphone feature when I drive. I know I’d be better off with a headset, but with finances being tight it’s just easier for me to either have my phone on speaker, or just not use it and let my calls go to voicemail. 
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Jun 13 2011

The National Safety Council

When I was little my mother had a green Plymouth Scamp- every inch of that car was green. I remember sitting in the backseat with my little sister so excited to go anywhere! Thankfully before we left the driveway my mother would turn around and check to make sure we were buckled up. We’d pull those green lap belts tight across our laps, and then we were ready to go. So when the National Safety Council introduced the Make It Click- Buckle Up seatbelt campaigns in the early 80’s I was already aware of the importance of seatbelts. 
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May 27 2011

Safety on a Roadtrip

Taking a roadtrip is a memorable, and wonderful experience. It’s fun to get brochures, and start planning all the amazing sights that you’ll see. But before you head out you’ll need to plan out how to be safe on your roadtrip. As we know, being prepared is one of the most important things you can do to get there safely. So before you go, plan the following: 
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May 14 2011

Interview with Race Car Driver, Peter Dempsey

O2 Racing Technology is very proud of driver Peter Dempsey and the #36 Pulse car who recently took third place at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, FL. This was the first race of the 2011 Firestone Indy Lights season, and the first podium finish for O2. (O2 was formerly Genoa Lights and did have a second place finish at Long Beach and a championship in 1986 under the Genoa name.)
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May 11 2011

First Line of Defense – Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts are your first line of defense against injuries or death. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, lap-shoulder belt systems reduce the risk of fatality and serious injury by 50 percent when used. However, most Americans did not regularly use seatbelts until 1984, when the first state laws were passed mandating seatbelt use. Today, there are 49 states where it is illegal for a driver or passenger to travel without a seatbelt (the exceptions is New Hampshire; although they have a primary child passenger safety law for children under 18). 
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Apr 01 2011

SADD Celebrates Alcohol Awareness Month

April was Alcohol Awareness Month and we, of course, want to feature organizations that deal with driver safety on the road. So we set out to find more out about SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. 
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Mar 03 2011

Auto Airbags 101

In recent news, Toyota Motor Corp. recalled 308,000 vehicles to inspect possible airbag defects in certain 2007 and 2008 RAV4 and 2008 Highlander SUVs sold in the U.S. 
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Feb 08 2011

Feel the Need for Speed?

A few years ago, I was driving on 1-5 North headed toward Seattle in a 70 mph zone. I entered a construction zone and reduced my speed from 70 to the posted speed of 60. When the construction zone ended I went back to 70 mph. I was pulled over a few minutest later and told the speed was still 60. I thought the speed was 70, but technically I was speeding. 
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Nov 23 2010

Driving in Bad Weather

I’ve encountered every type of bad weather while driving. A number of times, I’ve seen rain so heavy you can barely see the road, fog so thick you can hardly see in front of you, fierce snow storms, black ice, and more. I know the roads pretty well where I live, and yet I’ve learned by experience (and seeing many car accidents) that you have to drive differently when bad weather arises. 
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Aug 10 2010

New Child Car Seat Guidelines

As a former professional nanny, part of my job was to drive the children I cared for to various places. For two years I drove the kids all over to school, after school activities, friends’ houses, field trips, errands, etc. When I started my job, both children were in booster seats with backs. As the kids got older their dad wanted to take the backs off, but their mom said they weren’t big enough yet. We finally went online and found the manufacturer’s recommendation for the booster seat and also the current guidelines for child passenger safety. It turned out one of them was big enough for the back of the seat to come off while the other wasn’t. 
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Jan 15 2010

MADD’s 30th Anniversary

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) began almost thirty years ago by a grieving mother, whose daughter was killed by a repeat offender drunk driver. She made a pledge to fight against drunk driving, and although MADD started with just a few members, it’s now a non-profit organization (in both the US & Canada) that had paved the way for other organizations such as SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving). 
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